2 min readFeb 18, 2022


How do you pick NFTs?

Let me guess; you probably browse through the trending NFT collections on platforms like OpenSea. However, with thousands of new projects pumped out regularly, this strategy falls short.

Or you follow crypto celebrities on Twitter or Instagram and search for their username in NFT projects they’ve endorsed, right? This approach has its limits; if the crypto celebrity doesn’t post much content about NFTs, this strategy won’t work very well either.

Why do you think it won’t work?

If you are interested in investing in NFTs, you know that it can be hard to find appropriate projects. The majority of NFT projects aren’t good picks.

Their flaws might include:

Poor design

Inconsistent quality

Limited utility

Poor community engagement

Let’s look at tactics to find the right NFT for you!

1. Launchpads

Launchpads come in diverse kinds. NFT launchpads are a fantastic way to identify and get in early on promising NFT projects. Crypto launchpads link emerging project developers introducing them to captive audiences of early-stage retail investors. They also serve the crucial role of fundraising and supporting them to get established.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the first place that new NFT creators go to market. Upon identifying the right creators, you can use their follower lists to search for other NFT projects they’ve followed.

3. NFT aggregators

Once NFT projects are close to launching, they often reach out to aggregation sites, like HowRare for Solana, Rarity Tools for Ethereum, and NFT Calendar. The aggregate data from multiple sources gives you a decent idea of what the market is offering at any point in time.

4. Minting Monitors

Tools like monitor all NFT contracts being minted on Ethereum so you can see a real-time feed of NFT mints.

You can use this information to identify suitable projects before anyone else, and then you can jump on them before they blow up. With that said, it’s always ideal to find out about projects before they’ve even minted.

5. Snipe for rare NFTs

Rarity plays a significant role in the success of NFT projects.

That’s where tools like come in handy; they let you search for NFTs by rarity. This allows you to identify promising NFT projects before anyone else does.

In conclusion, finding NFTs early can give you a huge upper hand, and these strategies will help you get there ahead of the pack because the early bird gets the worm.