Some say it doesn’t make sense, while some invest in it worth millions and billions. Some criticize the destruction and bane it has caused, while some artists consider it a boon; what else could that be?

The Non-Fungible Token aka NFTs

Revolution is a mere word to describe the fad the NFTs have had in the latest years. It has been a pleasant surprise for a few, a life-turning opportunity for a few others, and a discussion subject. But what is this hype for? Is it reliable? What does the future look like? How has the NFT impacted society? Why are there so many allegations by activists?

Hello, I am NFT Critic, and welcome to my world. This space would be a one-stop destination for all your questions. An NFT pro, an art enthusiast, a newbie to the NFT world, a spectator; whoever you are, you’ve got me to keep you updated with what the NFTs has for us.

Oh, well, it sounds complex and scary, doesn’t it? But this is the near future.

Here’s what you can count on me for:

  • Unfiltered and unbiased updates
  • Trending News
  • Informative content
  • Tactics to climb up the NFT ladder
  • Support, suggestions, review and feedback
  • Critical discussions on the sensations
  • Stories and theories
  • Scope for Artists, investors and third parties

What not? Everything you should know about NFTs!

I can’t wait to kickstart everything.

In a world that is upgrading itself and trying to be it’s better version, it is always important to stay updated on what’s happening around. Especially, NFTs is one such topic that there is no complete awareness on. But it has now become a career choice for thousands and lakhs of people out there. You’ve mistaken if you thought that it is only for the artists or the big men who can pour money. It is for every individual who is keen on digitalizing the world and making “impossible” possible, striving for excellence, interested in solving complex real-time issues, numbers and statistics, and love managing the community. This is for you. Yes, you!!!







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