Satoshi Nakamoto, the so-called “Founder” of Bitcoin, may not be real. The title might be an alias for the creator or creators of Bitcoin who wish to stay unidentified.

The origin and initial days of Bitcoin are bizarre. This “someone” develops an entirely new monetary system assembled from scrape besides some previous theoretical ideas. He(probably) has a small team and no allowance or support from organizations, companies, or governments. Bitcoin grows morally by word of mouth and volunteers organically. And in just ten years, it rises to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is beginning to disrupt the current monetary system.

There are fair chances of it not being a single person. The identity could constitute a group of finance-literate programmers because it would make sense why Hal was the first to participate in a BTC transaction with Satoshi, who, in actuality, was probably just one of his group members conducting a test transfer.

If carefully interpreted, Hal’s work on PGP and Proof of Work before Bitcoin would also be beneficial in creating a feasible cryptocurrency. It’s possible to say that with a bit of help from like-minded experts (or maybe even just by himself), Hal could’ve spearheaded the invention of Bitcoin under an anonymous pseudonym that would keep it decentralized.

Once proved that he is someone with an inclination for assembling model trains and a career wrapped in secrecy, having done classified work for major companies and the U.S. military. It would be best if you read this article that caught my eye. It could be a mere story, though!

It is also funny how people have stories of the Bitcoin founder being Elon Musk, while the others say that it’s evident of being Lady Gaga. Bill Gates is also a topic of discussion, and Adam Back’s name is also heard.

It’s tough to believe that governments don’t want to understand who this guy is. His enigmatic identity and the almost 1M bitcoin he mined that stays intact is one of the greatest riddles. But what if Satoshi had other wallets and did make his riches already?

But whoever it is, I bet he has a wallet filled with billions of dollars and could be out joyriding in one of those demilitarized spaces that have been sold. Or maybe he’s yachting around his private island chain-smoking Cubans drinking champagne right now for all anyone knows.






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